Abortion & Post Miscarriages Care and Treatment

Studies suggests that 10% – 25% of all pregnancy will end up with miscarriages. As common as it may sound, undergoing a miscarriage, stillborn or abortion is a stressful experience on a women’s mental, emotional and physical state, regardless the stage of pregnancy.  So how do you cope and take care of yourself after such incidents?

Women who went through this ordeal have shared their painful experience, not only with the feeling of loss and grief, but also the physical bodily pain. This includes cramping (feeling of menstrual cramps or contractions), backaches, soreness and all other post- pregnancy symptoms especially if they have gone into full term pregnancy.

You Don’t Have to Feel Helpless & Alone

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We have helped hundreds of women recover from their miscarriages, stillborns and abortions. Salwa Salim, a healthcare professional specialising in female reproductive health, has created this program that is customised according to the different stages of pregnancy. As a result of combining massage therapy, jamu and aromatherapy into the program, you will recover fast and your menstrual cycle will return normally.

How Our Post Miscarriages Care Treatment Can Help You:

  • Clear Out Any Pregnancy Tissues & Blood Left Behind After Your Miscarriage/ Abortions

  • Treat Your Bodily Pains Including Cramps, Backaches, Body Aches & Muscle Stiffness

  • Reposition Your Uterus Back Into Its Original Position

  • Balance your Hormones & Regulate Your Menstrual Cycle

  • Restore Your Fertility by Improving Reproductive Health

  • Reduce Cortisol Level, Stress Hormones and Prevents Depression

Find Out How Our Program Can Help At Each Stage of Pregnancy

Regardless at which stage of pregnancy your were in during your miscarriage, stillborn or abortion, we can help.
Click on the relevant week of pregnancy to read more on how the program works, and who it is suitable for:

First Trimester (Week 1 - Week 12)

First Trimester

80% of all miscarriages occurs during the first trimester, before 12 Weeks. It is the highest point as compared to the other trimesters. The first three months is the baby’s most critical development period, so the rates of miscarriages drop significantly after this stage. Since it is still in its early stages of pregnancy, the physical symptoms are still manageable.

Benefits of Our Post- Miscarriage Treatment

  • Reducing tension, pain and soreness in your body, and reduce crampings
  • Promotes immunity to enhance your recovery to rejuvenate your body
  • Reduce depression and anxiety that may be the result of miscarriage

Suitable for

  • Natural Miscarriages
  • Medical Abortion
  • First Trimester Surgical Abortion

Second Trimester (Week 13 - Week 26)

Second Trimester

At this stage, the chances of miscarriage has significantly drop. By the end of this trimester, your baby would have developed fully and you would be able to feel the sleep and wake cycle of your baby as well as the movements. Considering your baby is mostly developed, the stress the development has on your body after a miscarriage would require you to have ample rest and its best for you to observe confinement period as per Postnatal care, including massage treatments.

Benefits of Our Post- Miscarriage Treatment

  • Reducing tension, pain and soreness in your body, and reduce crampings
  • Expel all the blood and pregnancy tissues left behind in the uterus
  • Improve immunity to speed up recovery and healing process
  • Reduce depression and anxiety that may be the result of miscarriage
  • Contouring body, especially flatten tummy, back into its pre-pregnancy state

Suitable for

  • Natural Miscarriages
  • Second Trimester Surgical Abortion

Third Trimester (Week 27 Onwards)

Third Trimester

At this stage of miscarriage (or stillborn), your body has already undergone the pressure of full pregnancy symptoms as well as the delivery ordeals. Therefore it is important that you observe the same amount, if not more, Postnatal Care, as you would after delivering a live birth. You are advised to observe your confinement period, from tailoring your dietary needs, as well proceed with full Postnatal Massage treatment.

Benefits of Our Post- Miscarriage Treatment

  • Reducing tension, pain and soreness in your body, and reduce crampings
  • Promotes your immunity to enhance your recovery to rejuvenate your body
  • Helps to reduce depression and any anxiety that may be the result of miscarriage
  • Remove stale blood and tissues that is stuck in the uterus and bring fresh oxygenated blood
  • Contouring your body, especially your tummy, back into its pre-pregnancy state

Suitable for

  • Stillborn

Post- Miscarriage / Abortion Care Treatment
What Does This Treatment Include? 

Post Miscarriage Massage

Full Body Massage: You will receive a full body massage to address any pains, aches or muscle stiffness that you may have encountered during your pregnancy. We will soothe out all your concern areas to make you feel rested and rejuvenated.

Uterus Massage: The next important component of this treatment is the uterus massage. Done by our highly trained massage therapist, this particular technique will help to get rid of all the stale blood and pregnancy tissue that have may have been left behind after the miscarriage or your abortion procedure. Therefore, all the old stale materials will be expelled out of your body so you may recover and have a healthy regular menstrual cycle.

Breast Massage: This area of care is often neglected especially in the second or third trimester just because there is no live birth. At this stage, lactation may have already started but without proper drainage, it can lead to blockages leading to pain, soreness and engorgement.

Uterus Care Heat Therapy

This treatment consist of a preheated hot stone, wrapped in selected herbs and layers of cloth. The heat compress is focused on the abdomen, pelvic area and sacrum area where the heated stone is pressed down at each point for a few seconds. This heat compression aids in releasing toxin, expelling wind (prevent bloating) and helps to breakdown the blood clots to clear the uterus lining. It also helps in the process of shrinking the uterus.

Jamu & Essential Oils

Olive Massage Oil: Our 100% pure olive massage oil contains antioxidants that prevents cell degeneration for the skin and healing properties. Olive oil is one of the widest used oil and is the premium choice also for our prenatal and postnatal massage. It has properties that causes the skin to regenerate and improves elasticity thus preventing stretch marks from forming and lightens those that are already present.

Jamu + Slimming Oil + Cellulite Cream: If you had undergone close to the full pregnancy term you will need a comprehensive postnatal care treatment as your body has undergone the as much changes. This includes our famous Jamu Massage. We also use Aromatherapy Slimming Essential Oils and Cellulite Cream for the health benefits as well as for slimming.

Slimming Wraps

This slimming wrap originates from Malay Indonesia Jamu procedure called Bengkung. It is made from a special sturdy material, found in native South East Asia. This piece of cloth is normally 6m long, and used over the abdomen area. Once the massage is completed, Jamu/ Slimming Oil/ Cellulite Cream will be applied on the abdomen area. The slimming wraps will then be customised to your body and you are advised to leave it on for 6- 8 hours for maximum benefits.

When is The Best Time To Start? 

First Trimester: After 1-2 weeks or when heavy bleeding stops.

Second & Third Trimester: Natural miscarriages usually start after 1-2 weeks or when heavy bleeding stops. As for those who undergone surgical procedures or C-Section, the start date is minimally after 3-4 weeks.

In all cases, it is best to have your Doctor’s approval when is the best time for you to start.