Looking For a Perfect Gift?

Congratulatory Gifts

Forget about giving baby-related gifts that are already given by most other people. More often than not, gifts are focused on the baby and NOT the mothers! If you or your company is looking for a gift for a new mother or mother-to-be, check out our vouchers.

Imagine all the pain and discomfort a new mummy is undergoing after 9 months of pregnancy and ordeal of giving birth. Wouldn’t a well- deserved relaxing and therapuetic massage sounds like the perfect gift?

Condolence Gift

Do you know a friend or a loved on who is undergoing a difficult time and wish to give them a gift to make them feel better?

If you see them suffering from pain and discomfort due to menses or menopause, or if they had just undergone a painful loss of their little one through a miscarriage or stillborn, you can show your support by giving them the gift that will help them recover and recuperate. We offer specialised programs according to their reproductive health concerns.