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*My 7-day postnatal massage has been the most relaxing and invigorating experience following the birth of my first son, Eli. After the birth, which was an 11-hour labor, I was feeling so sore, tired and run down. The fact that I had not been sleeping either as my baby was not sleeping only added to my stress. Every day that my massage therapist came to visit made me feel so much better, calm and relaxed. The fact that I was able to receive this treatment in the comfort of my own home meant that I didn’t have the stress of leaving the house so soon after giving birth.

I have had many massages all over the world and I can quite easily say that Zie is by far the best masseuse I have ever had.She was able to target all of the areas which I had suffered with pain after labor, whilst ensuring I was thoroughly relaxed every time. The postnatal wrap also meant that my uterus shrank down very quickly and I was also taught how to wrap myself after the treatment was over. I would highly recommend this treatment and Zie to all women who are either pregnant or have just had their baby. You will not be disappointed!!

Leanne (United Kingdom), Dakota CrescentPremium Package

*booked a 10 days massage session with Mummy’s Massage. My massage therapist was always on time on every session. Her skills were very good and soothes my body of aches on every session. I felt energized and relaxed after each session. Besides massaging, she also provides valuable advise on how to breastfeed and take care of my body. At the end of it, I dropped 3kg which I think is a big deal to me! I would definitely recommend Mummy’s Massage!

Shaan Ng, YishunPremium Package

*My first baby was born in Indonesia, and I did the whole Jamu massage there. For my second baby in Singapore, I was worried that I could not find the same quality of Jamu massage. I found Mummy’s Massage on the website and signed a 30 day customised package with them. I found the quality of their service to be up to be very good which is up to my expectations. All the staffs I meet and talk to have very good knowledge and has very good skills in postnatal massage and also care for my baby. I have recommended to all my friends and relatives staying in Singapore to engage with Mummy’s Massage and you will not regret it.

Julia Wulandari (Indonesia) Orchard Scotts CondoCustomised 30- Day Package

*My massage therapist is such a joy to be around. She is very personable and friendly and has alot of tips to share when it comes to development of children. Her massages are most definitely refreshing I’m surprised at how energetic I am after the sessions. Maggie tied the slimming wraps uniquely around my body which I actually found comfortable that my tummy was tucked in and not loosely out of proportion. Im sure this was what helped me flatten my tummy. Yes most definitely would recommend Mummy’s Massage to all pregnant mothers!

Annie (Australia), Siglap RoadRoyal Slimming Package

*I’m so happy with the massage! My massage therapist helped me so much to tighten my tummy and lose weight!

Mathana (India)Royal Slimming Package

*I had a 20hr labour pain followed by an emergency caesarean and felt extremely soar, painful and lethargic. I didnt know what to expect with my newborn and hence, experienced post natal depression. Made a phone call to mummy’s massage to which ms salwa was extremely vigilant and compassionate towards my issue. Was then attended by my massage therapist who took extremely great care of me. Ms Salwa even surprised me by buying a useful book to help ease my sorrows. Highly recommended.

Alya Horgan, BedokRoyal Diamond Package

*My experience has been great. My massage therapist has been patient and knows where are the painful parts in my body. She provided relief for me as I had very painful afterbirth pains. She shared tips on how to relief and take care of our body especially great for someone who wants her pre pregnancy body. My tummy has slimmed down a lot. Anyways thank you ms salwa for rectifying the problem in the first place. I will most probably sign up for your slimming package pretty soon.

Lee Kar Hiang, Pandan GardensPremium Package

*After much contemplation, I decided to engage Mummy’s Massage based on their testimonies and credibility as postnatal experts. To begin with, I always had issues with massages as I am very picky about my massage therapist. I’ve had bad experiences with hard painful massages and light ones tickles me.
Overall I am very impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of Mummy’s Massage staffs. Salwa was genuinely kind and concerned about my health and my massage therapist had very good skills and I truly enjoyed every massage sessions, what more seeing my tummy flattens within days with the slimming wraps.
I am 100% satisfied with their service and have since recommend my circle of pregnant friends. It definitely was worth my money!

Rebecca Tan, Leedon HeightsRoyal Diamond Package

*What a wonderful service! Commendable staffs in answering all my phone enquires to service provided by my massage therapist. Systematic, professional and overall friendly and accommodating! Would most definitely put in a good word for Mummy’s Massage to my peers!

Jasmine (France)Royal Diamond Package

*The massage relieves most of the pain especially the soreness of the breast. I could see such significant reduction in my tummy in just a few days. Overall I am very pleased and would like to thank Mummy’s Massage for delivering such a dedicated therapist to me. She really puts her heart in doing her massage and not just normal massage therapist that was just completing her job. Most definitely will recommend to all mothers.

Vivian Gan See MunRoyal Diamond Package

*The massage is very relaxing and I feel better after the massage. My therapist is very friendly and she understands my needs. The way she massage my breast lets me clear my ducts, thus have more breastmilk for my baby. The slimming wraps and massage skills does makes me slim down. I can see the difference in my tummy and love handles. I have lost weight in this 10 days and my waist and hips have lost at least 2 inches. Overall, the admin answered all my questions, the pre-massage service is good, the slimming wraps is as per website details. the whole set up was very systematic and the therapist had a very standard procedure. Nothing was short changed! Thanks to all staff of Mummy’s Massage that made this a memorable experience for me.

Ivy Lontoc (Switzerland)Royal Diamond Package

*My massage therapist is a very caring lady and gave a very energetic and vigorous massage as I had requested to relieve my backache. My protruding tummy is significantly reduced by the end of my 10 sessions and I’m glad I get to keep the slimming wraps so I can continually put it on. The bonus has included extra slimming oil and Mama Gie even taught me how to put it on. I only have good comments when I refer to all my expat friends for Mummy’s Massage service

Lorraine S (Singapore)Royal Diamond Package

*My massage therapist gave a very relaxing massage and have helped me tremendously in slimming down my thighs and loose tummy. I have a lot of confidence in her as she herself is so slim even after giving birth to 3 children!  I did manage to lose weight during the sessions. Also it is so convenient to have the service done at my home after my delivery. Thank You Mummy’s Massage for such a hospitable and caring service!

Sarah Tan (Singapore)Royal Diamond Package

*Salwa has extended her service beyond our expectations. She was very professional and very knowledgeable in answering all my queries and concerns. We are especially happy with the baby massage lesson she conducted for both my husband and I. My baby is able to sleep better and we feel a stronger bond with our baby. Thank You Mummy’s Massage!

Farhani Jumahat, TampinesPremium Package

*What can I say! Satisfied at every level with the whole program. It is so convenient to have someone come over to my house and so I can care for my older son as well. I didn’t have this massage after my first delivery and from this experience I would definitely tell all mother to sign up. It is very relaxing and also I manage to flatten my tummy alot faster than in my first delivery. Thank you for the good experience!

Hema Sheema (India), Riverside BayRoyal Diamond Package

*This is my second pregnancy and I’m so surprised that I had easily lost 5 inches off my waist after only 6 sessions! I can see such a drastic change and my body feels so much better after the massage. It has managed to help me reduce my back pain due to the epidural effect. My massage therapist has done an amazing job and I am very satisfied with Mummy’s Massage level of service overall. I had referred my pregnant colleagues and definitely recommend their service to all pregnant mothers

Breanda Zhang Xuan, Palm GardenPremium Package

*Mummy’s Massage has provided a great service. My therapist has showed genuine concern for my condition and relieved my chronic back pain which has left me bedridden after my delivery. Once I manage to sit up, the slimming wraps seems to help further to keep my posture straight. It is such a relieve to have someone come over to your place during your confinement and makes you feel better. Thank you all for your kind service.

Cindy Mendoza (Phillipines), Ballota ParkCustomised Package

*I’d like to thank Mummy’s Massage, especially Mama Gie for the great service she provides. I have been suffering from severe back pain ever since my second trimester. My massage therapist showed me great care in addressing my pain and concentrated the massage to relief those areas. After my sessions, I can feel the soothing effect and the pain subsiding and now I feel so rejuvenated. I highly recommend all pregnant mothers out there especially those with the same condition as me, as this has most definitely helped me eliminate my pain and you’d definitely feel all refreshed after the massage.

Anna Marie (UK), Seletar HillRoyal Diamond Package

*It is not really a custom for my culture to do a pre/post natal massage. But after hearing good feedbacks from my friends & colleagues, I decided to sign  up for it and I am happy I did! The massage was very much relaxing and really saw great improvements not only in the tummy but my water retention on my hands and feet as well. I am very much grateful to my therapist as she was very friendly and made the massage truly a relaxing experience. I will definitely recommend her to my friends! Thanks so much!

Raselle Ann Dino, PhilippinesPremium Package

*Dear Mummy’s Massage, Thank you for coming to my home and the great massage at you provide for me for the whole 10 days package. Mdm Kas is a very nice and friendly lady. I have a lot of pain because my breast is engorged and the milk never flow out. I almost gave up breastfeeding because of the pain. But luckily Mdm Kas kept encouraging me and give me lots of tips and now I feel a stronger bond with my baby! The hot compress really helped me with my engorgement. I’d definitely recommend Mdm Kas for mothers-to- be for her professionalism and experience.

Swee Ting, CommonwealthPremium Package

*I have always been conscious about my appearance and after my first pregnancy I got depressed because of the shape and size of my body. It took me 8 weeks after my confinement with regimental diet and exercise plan to flatten my tummy to prenatal state. The news on my 2nd pregnancy was bitter sweet one. although I was excited, I didn’t like the idea of going through the whole ordeal and going through postnatal blues. My friend recommended MM to me. At first I was skeptical that this postnatal package was going to be effective for losing weight. But I had nothing to lose since its going to be relaxing anyway. But I was surprised! The results was amazing! I could see immediate results on my tummy for what too me 8 weeks on diets and exercise only! I even upgraded to the slimming package. After which I still follow up using the slimming wraps and control my diet and exercise. I manage to maintain my figure and this is me just after 4 months! Thanks to MM for all the advice and tips and support, this time round my pregnancy has been happy and memorable experience.

Zhang Li (China), RedhillCustomised Royal Slimming Package