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Postnatal Massage

Would You Like to Quickly Get Back In Shape & Regain Your Energy After your Delivery?

Hi, my name is Salwa Salim, founder of Mummy’s Massage. As a mother myself,  I understand the importance of a good postnatal massage and postnatal care.

Undergoing a long 72 hour labour and with difficulty in breastfeeding, the support I received from my therapist prevented me from falling into depression. Not only did my morale improved, I manage to successfully breastfeed exclusively and proud to get back into my pre pregnancy weight and shape after just 3 weeks of a daily regimental postnatal care.

The Malay Jamu Postnatal Massage is directly passed down to me from generations of practicing midwives and massage therapist. With the combination of my Malay heritage, my background in the medical and massage industry, and my ongoing research over the years, I have created Mummy’s Massage Postnatal Jamu Program that is safe and backed by medical understanding and with a personalised touch as a mother.

Let my team and I help you ease you into motherhood, like how we helped thousand of other mothers with the only original and authentic Singapore Postnatal Massage services. Read our testimonials from our happy clients or watch our video to understand how our program works.

What is Postnatal Massage

Massage Therapy is applying different techniques to the soft tissues on the body intended to give health benefits and relief pain or tension. It is the oldest known healing art documented way back from 3000 years ago from the Chinese, and traces has been found in the Hindus, all the way to the Egyptian, Persian and Greek cultures and across the world in the Latin Americans.

Post Natal Massage is massage therapy pre designed specifically for mothers who have just given birth. Its techniques and areas of focus have been tailored to maximize benefits according to the physiology and condition of the body after it has been subjected to the trauma and pressure of child birth.

Do You Need Postnatal Massage


Post Natal Massage is a form of therapy and healing regime highly recommended even by Doctors. Post Natal massage have been a long standing Asian tradition. This is one of the secrets to Asian women have been looking younger.

Benefits of Post Natal Massage

Medical Reasons

Reduce post surgery adhesion & swelling. Improve blood circulation; more oxygen & nutrients reach the soft tissues & vital organs. Faster cell repair to reduce scars and stretch marks. Reduce complications, diastasis, prolapsed uterus.


Contour your body back into your original shape with massage therapy, aromatherapy and slimming wraps. Tone up overstretch areas by making skin taut and compressed in original shape. Reshape body and flatten tummy.

Pain Management

Improves body posture reducing low back pain.Releases restrictions in muscles and joints for ease and flexibility of movement.Relax and soften injured, tired, and overused muscles.Reduce spasms and crampings.

Health & Vitality

Enhance immunity, lymph node (body’s defense system) is stimulated when pressure is applied.Stretch weak tight and atrophied muscles. Reduce depression and anxiety. Drains excess fluid; relief tension & stress to feel more energetic.

Do You Know What Pregnancy Does To Your Body?

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Postnatal Depression

During pregnancy, your body has a very high level of oestrogen and the moment the baby is born, it drops drastically back to normal. This sudden change in hormones level is one of the main factor to postnatal depression.

Especially at these period of high sensitivity, other triggers such as environmental change, body change, aesthetic concerns, and other stressful factors causes the mothers to feel hopeless, which further aggravates postnatal depression.

Stress on Body

Do you know a human body can bear up to 45 Del (unit) of pain? During childbirth, a woman feels up to 57 Del (unit) of pain. This is similar to 20 bones getting fractured at the same time. So imagine the pressure and the pain and stress of labour on your body. The immense pressure in “pushing” the baby out may cause small blood vessels in your body to burst.

Prior to the pain of labour, your body has endured 9 months of stress and pressure on the different parts of the muscles groups and joints causing pain and discomfort and also affecting its normal proper functions.

Physical Body Changes

Your body will go thorough many changes, some are more permanent and some are temporary which will disappear gradually once the pregnancy is over.

This includes changes in the weight, skin, hair, breast, hips, legs, feet and even your bones.

Stress on Reproductive System

Imagine a full blown balloon distended on a rubber band for 9 months. This is the scenario as the pelvic muscle and uterus are stretched out to carry a growing baby in the uterus. The added weight and pressure of pregnancy can weaken the pelvic floor muscle. Prolonged period of distended muscles and ligaments can cause them to loosen & slip out of position causing complications such as:  Prolapsed Uterus & Disposition of Organs.

Thus the uterus has the tendency to rest or press against the bladder, causing incontinence (which is why you urinate frequently while you are pregnant). After childbirth if the uterus is left untreated and not positioned back in its original position, it will press on the bladder causing incontinence.

Stress on Muscle & Joints

During pregnancy, the uterus expands and presses against the muscle on the front of the abdomen, rectus abdominis. Sometimes, this may cause a separation of the muscle in the midline causing back pain and bad posture.

In order to allow the muscle to ‘merge’ to its original state, compression is provided to the front abdominal part of the body supporting the rectus abdominis, thus reducing swelling of the uterus. This can be achieved through binding (slimming wraps).

Clinical Medical Research on Effects of Massage for PostPartum Women

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Malays Has Lowest Postnatal Depression Rate in The World

world health organisation mummys massageIncidence Of Postnatal Depression In Malaysian Women

A survey was done to show that at 6 weeks of postpartum period, the incidence of postnatal depression is lowest in Malaysia, especially in the malay community compared to the indians and chinese due to the women still observing their Malay traditional postnatal care practices.

Kit, L. K., Janet, G. and Jegasothy, R. “Incidence Of Postnatal Depression In Malaysian Women”. Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research 23.1 (1997): 85-89.

Postnatal Depression and Its Associated Factors in Women From Different Cultures

Postpartum depression rate in the world is reported to be the lowest in Malaysia followed by Singapore, Denmark and Malta, and of the reasons attributed was to choose the postnatal care of their traditional practice.

F. Abdollahi. et al.“Postnatal Depression and Its Associated Factors in Women From Different Cultures”. Iran Journal of Psychiatry Behaviorial Science. 2011 Autumn-Winter; 5(2): 5–11.

Effects of Breast Massage on Breast Pain & Breastfeeding for Postpartum Mothers

Effects Of Breast Massage On Breast Pain, Breast-Milk Sodium, And Newborn Suckling In Early Postpartum Mothers

A group of postpartum women who had problems with breastfeeding were selected for this study where they received breast massage in the first 10 days of their postpartum period. The results suggest that breast massage helps to relieve breast pain and improve newborn suckling and can be used to solve breast problems.

Ahn, S., Kim, J. And Cho, J.. “Effects Of Breast Massage On Breast Pain, Breast-Milk Sodium, And Newborn Suckling In Early Postpartum Mothers”. Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing 41.4 (2011): 451. Web.

Massage Lowers Labor Pain, Shorten Labour & Hospital Stay, and Reduce Depression

Labor Pain Is Reduced By Massage Therapy

A study was conducted where a group of women who received massage was reported to have decreased anxiety and pain and depression, and was a more positive outlook fowling the first massage during labour. They also experienced significantly shorter labors, stayed in the hospital for a shorter period and has lower postpartum depression rate.

Reference: Field, T. et al. “Labor Pain Is Reduced By Massage Therapy”. Journal of Psychosomatic Obstetrics & Gynecology 18.4 (1997): 286-291.

The Positive Psychological Effects of Aromatherapy- Massage in Healthy Postpartum Mothers

The Psychological Effects of Aromatherapy- Massage in Healthy Postpartum Mothers

A study conducted showed that first time mothers with vaginal delivery who received aromatherapy postnatal massage has a significantly lower scores for Maternity Blues Scale and the State-Anxiety Inventory. The results suggested that aromatherapy postnatal massage may be an effective form of intervention for postpartum mothers to have an improved mental and physical well being and can better intreat with their infant.

Reference: Imura, M, H Misao, and H Ushijima. “The Psychological Effects Of Aromatherapy- Massage In Healthy Postpartum Mothers”. Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health 51.2 (2006): e21-e27. Web.

Our Services

How Can Mummy’s Massage Help You?

postnatal massage

Postnatal Massage is a massage therapy designed specifically for mothers who have just given birth. It focuses on the areas that are specific to the body phsyiology of women who had undergone delivery.

It helps reducing labour pain, aches, tension, bodily pain, backaches, cramps while relaxing the body.

womb heat care therapy

Womb massage & heat compression is focused over the abdomen, pelvic area and sacrum area.

This heat compression is pressed directly over the uterus to aid in releasing toxin, expelling wind (prevent bloating) and helps to breakdown the blood clots to clear the uterus lining. It also helps in the process of shrinking the uterus.

breast heat therapy

Breast massage & breast heat therapy can help with mothers who wish to breastfeed by preventing engorgement and blocked ducts.

The massage and heat compression over the breast, armpits, chest and neck areas will relieve any pain, promotes milk production and milk flow. It will also prevent any blocked ducts.

herbal body heat therapy

A set of herbal ball is used on critical areas on the body such as joints and superficial muscles to relieve muscular spasm and tendon tension.

These herbal balls are packed with high therapeutic value for its herbs content possessing properties that are anti-inflammatory astringent, antiseptic and antioxidant which renergise the body and invigorating effect on the mind as well.

slimming thermotherapy

Since you are not allowed to exercise immediately after your delivery, this is most natural and safest way for you to melt away the excess fats while in your confinement period.

The by product of fats being broken down is sweat. So the more you sweat, the more you are breaking down the fats, just like going for a sauna. This treatment is guaranteed to make you sweat through burning fats, and also helps to release toxins from your body.

batik bengkung bellybind™

The Malay Jamu postnatal massage is not complete without the use of bengkung which is a customised version of a slimming wrap. It is a long cloth that is customised to the changing body of your shape to help with slimming the waist, and shrining the uterus while mantaining posture.

Our colouful batik bengkung bellybind ™ will not only lift up your mood with the vibrant cheerful colours, it is also comfortable to use for long hours. Available from Jan 19 onwards.

herbal vaginal wash


Our herbal feminine wash can help with you recovery. The ingredients  includes properties that helps to kill germs and bacteria, reduce itch and irritation, eliminating bad odor, leaving the genital and anal area feeling cleaner, healthy and fresh. Suitable for both C-Section and Vaginal birth.

jamu massage oil + herbal lotion

Lemongrass/Ginger Massage Oil
Jamu Herbal Lotion
Our special blend are specially formulated for women during postnatal massage to relieve muscle tension and backache, ease joint pains, reduce bloating and lower anxiety. The lotion can also help with slimming down and skin tightening.

herbal bath


This herbal bath blend will revitalise and reenergise your overtired and fatigued body. The ingredients have healing and therapeutic properties to relieve aches and tension, reduce skin irritation, remove any body odour, all while refreshing and rejuvenating your body.

Our Program Prices

Deluxe Postnatal Massage Program

  • Deluxe Basic
    7 x postnatal massage · 7 x batik bengkung bellybind™ ·
  • Deluxe Health
    7 x postnatal massage · 7 x batik bengkung bellybind™ · 1 x herbal body heat therapy · 1 x womb care heat therapy · 1 x breast care heat therapy ·
  • Deluxe Slimming
    7 x postnatal massage · 7 x batik bengkung bellybind™ · 1 x herbal body heat therapy · 1 x womb care heat therapy · 1 x breast care heat therapy · 4 x slimming thermotherapy

Premium & Royal Postnatal Massage Program

  • Premium Health
    10 x postnatal massage ·  10 x batik bengkung bellybind™ ·  2 x herbal body heat therapy ·  2 x womb care heat therapy ·  1 x breast care heat therapy ·
  • Premium Slimming
    10 x postnatal massage ·  10 x batik bengkung bellybind™ ·  1 x herbal body heat therapy ·  1 x womb care heat therapy ·  1 x breast care heat therapy ·  7 x slimming thermotherapy
  • Royal Health Slimming
    15 x postnatal massage ·  15 x batik bengkung bellybind™ wraps·  2 x herbal body heat therapy ·  2 x womb care heat therapy ·  1 x breast care heat therapy ·  10 x slimming thermotherapy ·

Pre & Postnatal Combo Program

  • Package A10
    · 10 sessions (any combo of prenatal or postnatal massage)
  • Package B10+5
    · 10 sessions (any combo of prenatal or postnatal massage)
    · 5 add-ons (any combo of womb, breast, herbal body heat therapy or slimming treatments)
  • Package C15+7
    · 15 sessions (any combo of prenatal or postnatal massage)
    · 7 add-ons (any combo of womb, breast, herbal body heat therapy or slimming treatments)
  • Package D15+10
    · 15 sessions (any combo of prenatal or postnatal massage)
    · 10 add-ons (any combo of womb, breast, herbal body heat therapy or slimming treatments)
  • Package E20+15
    · 20 sessions (any combo of prenatal or postnatal massage)
    · 15 add-ons (any combo of womb, breast, herbal body heat therapy or slimming treatments)

Each Sign Up Will Come With a FREE Complimentary Set:

  • Lemongrass/Ginger Massage Oil
  • Jamu Herbal Lotion
  • Herbal Bath
  • Herbal Feminine Wash
  • Batik Bengkung BellyBind™
Note: All items are based on availability and we can substitute these items without notice.  Please see our FAQ for further details.

How Does Our Postnatal Jamu Massage Programs Works?

  • 1


    60 mins postnatal massage

  • 2


    15 mins heat therapy (if any)

  • 3


    20 mins slimming thermotherapy (if any)

  • 4


    application of jamu lotion on abdomen

  • 5


    put on disposable cotton layer

  • 6


    customisation of batik bengkung bellybind™

Why Choose Mummy’s Massage?

  • Hygiene

    Each mummy will get an exclusive set, so there are minimal cross contamination between houses. We do not rewash and reuse the bengkung slimming wraps.

  • Certified Therapist

    All our therapist are certified with Diploma or Certificates in massage with specialisation in postnatal massage.

  • No Hidden Charges

    We understand how frustrating it is! So don’t worry, all our prices are net with no hidden or additional charges.

  • English Speaking Local Malay Ladies

    Our local ethnic Malay ladies have good understanding and practice of Jamu postnatal massage and speaks  English

  • Natural Products

    All our products are a 100% natural plant extract that are gentle for use on mummys.

  • Therapy Vs Spa

    Unlike spa that focuses on relaxation, our services are therapy based to help recover, recuperate and also slimming.

  • Experienced Therapist

    All of our therapist have at least 10-30 years of working in the massage field.

  • 100% Satisfaction

    We do not compromise the quality of our services or products for a reduced price, and we can guarantee satisfied services.

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