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Welcome to Mummy’s Massage
Singapore’s Top Expert in Malay Postnatal Massage

We specialize in women’s health massage in Singapore. Our treatments are designed specifically for pregnant women and those who had a miscarriage or have given birth.  Our massage techniques and focus areas have been tailored to maximize benefits according to the physiology and condition of the woman’s body after she has been subjected to the trauma and pressure of pregnancy and childbirth. In addition, our Singapore Jamu Massage is a part of our holistic care regimen practiced by the Malay tradition, which has existed for hundreds of years. The Malay Massage is still being practiced to this day but all races in Singapore for its effective slimming methods.

We are a team of women-only complementary health professionals that specialises in women’s health. Well-trained in our specialized areas, our team offers many services for the health and wellness of women. With our mothers-focused approach, our services include prenatal, postnatal, post-miscarriage, postpartum slimming, and womb care.

Our Philosophy

We believe women deserve to rest after birth. We believe the confinement period is a dedicated rest time for women, so we will offer support by coming to you for a home service. We believe women should not feel ashamed in wanting to reshape or slim down their bodies after birth. We believe women who had miscarriages, are mothers, and they have the same postpartum right to postpartum care as a woman with live birth.

Our Methods

We help you recover and slim down in a safe and natural way, using only all-plant based herbs and oils. Based on the authentic Malay postnatal massage and slimming belly bind that is backed by science with medical benefits.


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… and many more.

Our Story

Founded by Salwa Salim
Singapore’s Malay Postnatal Expert
International Trainer & Practitioner

Salwa Salim

In a true fashion of ‘East meets West’, Salwa bridges the wisdom from the Malay postpartum traditions to modern perspective, medical understanding, and scientific insights. She comes from a lineage of traditional midwives who passed down the knowledge directly to her. With her medical background, massage training, Malay heritage, and ongoing research over the past decade, she has refined Mummy’s Massage Postnatal program to be genuine, safe and backed by medical understanding.

Her work has received national recognition in Singapore. She is regularly invited to speak/consult/advice/collaborate with Singapore’s museums, universities, National Heritage Board, and birthing-related conferences. She has been interviewed on TV and radio, mentioned in publications, referenced in journals, and featured in newspapers and magazines.

Salwa and her team have been invited internationally to provide her service to mothers all over the world. She has also expanded her reach to train started training midwives, doulas, massage therapists, birth attendants, and other birth workers on bengkung belly binding and other Malay postpartum care traditions.

As Seen On

National Heritage Board
938 live
National Heritage Board
938 live

Our Location


We are not a massage parlour or spa. We do not have any spa packages or spa facility. We offer therapeutic services as part complementary health services.


Hear What Other Mothers Have To Say about our Services

My 7-day postnatal massage has been the most relaxing and invigorating experience following the birth of my first son, Eli. After the birth, which was an 11-hour labor, I was feeling so sore, tired and run down.

Leanne (United Kingdom), Dakota CrescentPremium Package

Booked a 10 days package with Mummy’s Massage. My therapist, Mdm Kas, was always on time on every session. Her skills were very good and soothes my body of aches on every session. I felt energized and relaxed after each session.

Shaan Ng, YishunPremium Package

My first baby was born in Indonesia, and I did the whole Jamu massage there. For my second baby in Singapore, I was worried that I could not find the same quality here. I found Mummy’s Massage on the website and signed a 30 day customised package with them. 

Julia Wulandari (Indonesia) Orchard Scotts CondoCustomised 30- Day Package

Maggie is such a joy to be around. She is very personable and friendly and has a lot of tips to share when it comes to development of children. Her sessions are definitely refreshing I’m surprised at how energetic I am after the sessions.

Annie (Australia), Siglap RoadRoyal Slimming Package

I’m so happy with the slimming services! Daria helped me so much to tighten my tummy and lose weight!

Mathana (India)Royal Slimming Package

My experience has been great. Aunty Shima  has been patient and knows where are the painful parts in my body. She provided relief for me as I had very painful afterbirth pains.

Lee Kar Hiang, Pandan GardensPremium Package

The therapy is very relaxing and I feel better after it. My therapist, Zie, is very friendly and she understands my needs. The way she massage my breast lets me clear my ducts, thus have more breastmilk for my baby.

Ivy Lontoc (Switzerland)Royal Diamond Package

What a wonderful service! Commendable staffs in answering all my phone enquires to service provided by my therapist, Mdm Kas. Systematic, professional and overall friendly and accommodating! Would most definitely put in a good word for Mummy’s Massage to my peers!

Jasmine (France)Royal Diamond Package

Mama Gie is a very caring lady and gave a very energetic and vigorous massage as I had requested to relieve my backache. My protruding tummy is significantly reduced by the end of my 10 sessions and I’m glad I get to keep the slimming wraps so I can continually put it on. 

Lorraine S (Singapore)Royal Diamond Package

Daria gave a very relaxing massage and have helped me tremendously in slimming down my thighs and loose tummy. I have a lot of confidence in her as she herself is so slim even after giving birth to 3 children!  I did manage to lose weight during the sessions.

Sarah Tan (Singapore)Royal Diamond Package

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