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Strong Minty Oil

Giving birth is one of the exhilarating experiences in women’s lives. Pregnancy and child birth do take substantial toll on women’s health, though. Long after child birth is over, many mothers still feel the multiple aches and pains in their bodies.

A post-natal massage is said to bring relief to bodily sores that don’t seem to go away. To enjoy a massage that relaxes, you must have these things with you.

1. A Soft, Long Pillow
It does come in handy in a pre-natal massage. A soft, long pillow likewise relaxes your tired muscles in a post-natal massage.

Put your wide, soft pillow just below your legs. As you do so, you’ll relieve yourself from muscle pain that arises out of pushing an infant out during childbirth.

2. A Minty Oil that Soothes the Muscles and Mind’s Sense
A strong minty oil soothes the musles and mind’s senses more so after an exhausting activity. Sweating it out in the delivery room is not an easy thing to do. Reward yourself with a minty oil scent that minimises, if not eliminate, discomforts of all sorts.

3. A Post-Natal Massage Guideline
A post-natal massage guideline from your OB-Gynecologist secures you good health. Don’t forget to request for this guideline before you have your post-birth massage. After child birth, doctors need to ensure excellent health for mothers and babies.

4. A Comfortable Chair Where You Can Recline While Having a Massage
A comfortable chair to recline on while on a massage makes the body aches and pains go away easy. Do your part in bringing about relief after child birth. Remember, initiative makes your post-natal massage work for the betterment of your health.

A post-natal massage is what every mother relies on for easy and quick relief. Make motherhood one of the best roles to play here on earth. Do so as you prioritise your health before anything else after childbirth.

With Light and Love,
Salwa Salim