Pregnant Woman on Sofa

While pregnant, a prenatal massage offers enhanced chances of birthing a healthy baby. Pregnancy massage relaxes your hormonal and other bodily systems, even without you realising it. As it does, you comfort your baby’s body and senses as well.

Find out the ways in which a pregnancy Jamu massage brings about bountiful health and mental benefits.

1. Prenatal Massage Relieves You from Intermittent Headaches
Say goodbye to headaches while in a delicate condition. As you experience the benefits a prenatal Malay massage in Singapore brings, you will begin to embrace pregnancy instead of dreading it.

2. Prenatal Massage Soothes Muscle Tensions
Having a massage while expecting improves blood circulation. Blood flow travels to the areas where muscle tensions are present. Hence, the affected nerves loosen up. Relaxed nerves make the weight of your baby in your womb feel absent.

3. Massage Drives Away Fatigue More than Usual Among Pregnant Women
As reported in, a prenatal massage is the key to feeling energetic, even during sensitive pregnancy. Right after you’ve given birth, a post natal Jamu massage picks up on keeping you energized for the long-term.

4. Massage Lets Women with Leg Cramps Live Away with the Discomfort During Pregnancy
Prenatal massage relieves discomfort among women with leg cramps during pregnancy. Regular massage sessions let women with vein insufficiency experience a more comfortable pregnancy. It does not take substantial efforts for post natal massage to nurture mothers’ good health down the line.

5. Regular Prenatal Massage Keeps You Emotionally Sound During Pregnancy
Regular prenatal massage heals both the body and mind. As your muscles relax, you feel a sense of peace within yourself and your surroundings. Happiness is a constant companion even if a delicate pregnancy makes you feel vulnerable.

Acquiring and maintaining good health and disposition while expecting is just around the corner. Allow yourself to feel good inside and out prior to having your post natal massage sessions. Regular prenatal massages are the keys to doing this successfully, and much more.

With Light and Love,
Salwa Salim