Slimming Wraps

Slimming Wraps

Those who are relatively fond of massage therapy practice may have already tried a wide variety of treatment for them own making them familiar with its types. Massage therapy however, is readily evolving with new discoveries and innovation that are introduced to its patients. Jamu massage introduces the merging between different traditional medical practices of the Chinese, Europeans and Indians to create a unique form of therapy.

This type of massage combines the use local medicinal herbs along with different variety of techniques such as acupressure, aromatherapy and massage therapy. This unique form of therapy aims to stimulate the body and increase blood circulation by utilizing long strokes, rolling motions and fast drumming movements. Aside from that, it refreshes and reinvigorates the body utilizing a number of herbal oils to cure a wide variety of ailments similar to Malay massage Singapore.

Increasing blood circulation, de-stressing, relaxation and a heightened sense of peace are also among the many benefits of jamu massage. As such, prenatal massage Singapore is oftentimes associated with the procedure as it also helps energize the body and the mind. Pregnant women can make good use of this type of massage to help them throughout the stages of their pregnancy. They can get in touch with their health care provider and discuss with them their plans with regards to pregnancy massages.

Jamu massage can be used as a form of prenatal and post natal massage. This in turn helps ensure a safe and hassle free delivery while at the same time, help speed up the recovery time. Post natal massage Singapore offers such innovation with regards to their massage therapy practices making their services look new and fresh to their customers. Consider getting a jamu massage therapy for your own today.

With Light and Love,
Salwa Salim