Post Miscarriage Massage Treatment

Care After Miscarriage or Abortion

Studies suggests that 10% – 25% of all pregnancy will end up with miscarriages. As common as it may sound, undergoing a miscarriage, stillborn or abortion is a stressful experience on a women’s mental, emotional and physical state, regardless the stage of pregnancy. So how do you take care of yourself after such traumatic events?

Women who went through this ordeal have shared their painful experience, not only with the feeling of loss and grief, but also the physical bodily pain. This includes cramping (feeling of menstrual cramps or contractions), backaches, soreness and all other post- pregnancy symptoms especially if they have gone into full term pregnancy.

You Don’t Have to Feel Helpless & Alone

Mummy’s Massage has helped thousands of women recover from their miscarriages, stillborns and abortions, and restore their fertility. Founder Salwa Salim, a healthcare professional specialising in female reproductive health, has created this program that is customised according to the different stages of pregnancy.

As a result of combining massage therapy, jamu and heat therapy into the program, you will recover fast and your menstrual cycle will return normally and restore your fertility.

How Our Post Miscarriages Care Treatment Can Help You:

  • Clear Out Any Pregnancy Tissues & Blood Left Behind After Your Miscarriage/ Abortions

  • Treat Your Bodily Pains Including Cramps, Backaches, Body Aches & Muscle Stiffness

  • Reposition Your Uterus Back Into Its Original Position

  • Balance your Hormones & Regulate Your Menstrual Cycle

  • Restore Your Fertility by Improving Reproductive Health

  • Reduce Cortisol Level, Stress Hormones and Prevents Depression

Find Out How Our Program Can Help At Each Stage of Pregnancy

Regardless at which stage of pregnancy your were in during your miscarriage, stillborn or abortion, we can help.