benefits of massages before and after birth

Massage therapy during pregnancy stage is a delightful way for the new mothers. It is healthy for the mother and their child’s development. Prenatal massage helps the mother to adjust their body changes, and endure with their stress and discomfort in their body.

Here are the benefits of the prenatal massage in Singapore:
– During Pregnancy – reduced pregnancy symptoms, especially back pains, shoulder and leg cramps.
– Increases blood circulation, and enhances digestion
– Promotes relaxation – good for the development of the baby as well as to reduce stress and depression.
– Reduces fatigue
– During labor – shorter labor time by at least 3 hours
– Reduced and alleviate pain during labor
– After Delivery – Shorter hospital stay after delivery
– Reduced recovery time as well as to reduce postnatal depression

Postnatal massage is specifically for mothers who have just given birth. It is also highly recommended by doctors as it has proven from time to time that postnatal massage is the only way to restore mentally and physically of new mothers.

Postnatal Massage’s benefits are:
– Detoxify and removes blood clot
– Reduced complications and ease tensions and pains
– Stretch weak tight and atrophied muscles
– Improves body posture and blood circulation
– Re-shape your body and boost energy

Jamu Massage

Jamu massage is a traditional massage therapy which involved herbs that helps new moms to heal after delivery. Jamu remedies are included fennel, lemongrass, clove, ginger and Turi and give benefits in your body respectively.

Jamu massage has a lot of advantages and the remedies and ingredients are natural, along with unique massages.

The benefits of Jamu Massage are as following:
– Speedy recovery and shrinkage of uterus
– Improves your blood circulations and tightened the sore muscles
– Ease and alleviate the pains
– Reduce body aches, and leg cramps
– Detoxify and remove blood clot from your body

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With Light and Love,
Salwa Salim