Any women who has gone through the horrors of a miscarriage would surely say that such experience is something that is hard to forget. Indeed there may be physical pains that are felt but what is more horrific is the psychological side of it. This is understandable considering that a miscarriage is basically the loss of someone whom you have long been expecting. Fortunately, there are ways that one could undergo in order to recover from the trauma of miscarriage. One of the most effective ways is to massage therapy.

  • Why a Massage will help?

You may know or heard about the general benefits of a massage. In a miscarriage massage though, there are specific strokes, different from a general massage, which are applied to result in particular advantages for the body. Through such massage, pregnancy tissues and blood clots which remain after the miscarriage can be disposed of in the safest manner. Aside from this, the massage would also encourage the uterus to go back to its proper position. This renders the uterus ready for another pregnancy if this should happen soon.

  • Normalizing the Menstrual Cycle

It is normal for a women who had just suffered a miscarriage to have some issues with their menstrual cycle. This is the reason why a specialized massage may be needed. Through a massage, the body is encouraged to release certain body chemicals that encourages hormonal balance. Once such hormonal balance is achieved, the menstrual cycle is normalized.

With the advantages provided by massage therapy for women who had just suffered miscarriages, the trauma experienced is clearly alleviated. Of course, it is very important for one to make sure that she finds a specialized therapy center in this respect. It should be one that has developed services in massages for women who had miscarriages or who had just delivered.

With Light and Love,
Salwa Salim

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