It is important that a mother’s health be monitored even after giving birth. After hours of hard labor, a mother’s body is surely going to suffer from stress. That is why there is a great importance in paying attention to post natal care.

Post natal massages have become popular nowadays, and Singapore is no different. A lot of mothers try post natal massages today because of its benefits. Medical studies have shown that post natal massage helps improve the health condition of a woman after giving birth. It reduces the stress which the mother had felt during the nine months of pregnancy as well as during the time of labor. Mothers need to regain their energy and recover. It is also a great way to combat post natal depression, a problem among many mothers all over the world. According to World Health Organization, 10 to 20 percent of women around the world are reported to suffer from post natal depression. However, in Malaysia, the numbers are decreased to only 3.9 percent. This is said to be caused by the traditional post natal practices, such as the traditional Jamu massage and postnatal care regimes.

Jamu massage is actually a merge of the traditional medical practices of the Indonesian origin. It began as a form of treatment for the royal family in Java. Jamu literally means “herbal remedies”, which accurately depicts how the medication is done. In Jamu massage, natural ingredients such as ginger, lemon grass and fennel are used. These herbs will help get rid of unwanted contaminants in the body. For mothers, it will help reduce post natal depression. It also improves blood circulation, recover good posture, relieve muscular numbness and tone the muscles and tissue. This Malay post natal massage is a whole body massage that helps soothe the mind and the body. It is just the ideal massage to relieve women of stress caused by giving birth.

With Light and Love,
Salwa Salim