Jamu Massage

Jamu Massage

Massage therapy is not a rare form of relaxation for adult and elders alike. A spa has been on its height and popularity because of the health benefits and relaxation experience they get from body massage and body treatment. But there is another kind of massage that specializes benefits on women, a pregnant or mothers specifically. It is called Jamu Massage.

Jamu Massage roots back from the traditional Malay and Indonesians. This is used for body wellness and are also practiced as a beauty regime for women. It is usually performed in Beauty spa using the touch therapy and herbal essences. At first, Jamu massage may be mistaken to be like body massage and treatment in any spa but it is different in some ways and purpose.

Unlike other body massage done in spa, Jamu massage uses herbal essentials after the first massage interval. The massage lets the herbals gets warm and then it is attached to the tummy for few hours. The treatment, unlike the common body massage, usually last for weeks. This is how Malaysians perform massage way back.

Moreover, Jamu massage is known to be for women. Today, it is even practiced and offered for pregnant and new mothers. It can help mothers during and after pregnancy. However, it is performed after delivery and is highly recommended to be done within the first 12 weeks.

Jamu massage is also one of the post natal care that is considered a treat for mothers as well. Mothers can expect the massage to last for an hour, 10-15 minutes of herbal application which usually includes pills and slimming creams. Lastly, it ends with the process of binding. It can greatly help in the recovery period for mothers. It comes best with light exercise and proper diet.

With Light and Love,
Salwa Salim