Malay Jamu Massage Singapore

What is Jamu?

Jamu simply means ‘medicine’It is the traditional herbal medicine that is practiced for thousands of years in the Indonesian community to maintain good health, beauty and slimming, and to treat illnesses. Jamu has influence the herbal medicine in the southeast Asia region. In the 18th century, through pharmacological and botanical research, Jamu has gain popularity in the Western medicine in treating diseases through a campaign “Back to Nature” using only natural herbs.

Jamu is basically herbal medicine made from natural materials, such as parts of plants such as roots, leaves, bark, and fruit and to be consumed or applied. These plants are found abundantly in Southeast Asia. Although western medicine is important part of healthcare, Jamu is still very popular and practiced widely until today for its effectiveness.

So What is Malay Jamu Massage?

In Singapore, the word ‘Jamu massage’ or ‘Javanese massage’ is very popular word, but what is it really? It is always associated with the ‘Malay postnatal massage; and other postnatal treatments. Both massage and Jamu are an essential part of holistic care practice of the Malay people.

While Jamu is a very broad discipline for all sorts of diseases and illnesses, the Malays in Singapore practices the use of Jamu particularly for women-related issues. This includes any menstrual, fertility, pregnancy and postnatal issues, for maintaining health and beauty. There are many components to what makes ‘Jamu Massage’ effective and therapeutic. Just by adding any jamu product in a massage package, does not make it an authentic form of Jamu massage.

Common Jamu Herbs

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