Malay Massage Singapore

After all the gruelling 9 months of pregnancy and the whole process of labour, every mother deserves a reward! It is said that pregnancy and delivery is one of the most hardest and painful job to do and this is just the beginning. Motherhood will soon follows and before all the feeding, crying and changing of nappies starts, ever mother needs to celebrate motherhood and give themselves the pampering they deserve.

Post natal Massage is one of the treats you can indulge in immediately after your delivery. It is a form of Malay massage that is suitable for all mothers who have successfully braved through their pregnancy and labour. Considering the Malay Heritage involves the use of Jamu, it is also interchangeably referred as Jamu massage. It is most suitable for moms since it can help moms regain their bodily shape especially in flattening back their tummy. This particular technique is called the binding process where a slimming wraps, bengkung, is wrapped around their abdomen. This additional technique is what makes this Malay Jamu Massage different from the others.

Overall the Malay massage can help you slim down and lose weight, where its main goal is to remove gas and bloatedness in the body, reduce the post natal water retention build up that commonly affects pregnant women, help the reduce the size of the abdomen to its original shape as well as make your uterus return to its original size and location.

Not only the malay massage focuses on the abdomen area but the massage techniques provide a full-body massage to address any areas of concern that may be tense, sore or painful, and especially focus to massage the breast areas and axilla. Many mothers experience many issues with breast-feeding including redness, blockages, soreness which even leads to fever and other complications. Massage can most definitely help address these issues to relive mother of their pain and help to stimulate the milk ducts and unblock any blockages which is causing these problems.

The oils used also has properties to help with healing and is good for the skin. Not only that, it has aromatic properties to give a soothing effect to the mothers. All these will be able to relieve moms from the discomfort they experience after birth, especially to help them relax and remove stress as having a baby is a new adjustment she is facing. The post natal massage will give them the bodily relief they need as well as gain peace of mind.
The malay massage will surely help you in your post natal journey as it serve as your partner in times of discomfort. Thus, making your journey light and easy back to your old pre-pregnant figure.

With Light and Love,
Salwa Salim