Miscarriages and abortions are usually unfortunate events women have to deal with especially when there is a bond already created between mother and baby. The women will have to bear with the emotional, psychological loss and other confusing unfamiliar emotions that is linked to losing their baby. There are many ways to help a women cope with their situation and one of the ways is through a post-miscarriage or abortion care treatment.

This post-miscarriage or abortion care treatment is aimed to reduce the physical pain experienced by the mother on her body, as well as help give emotional and mental support. This is done through massage therapy.

Firstly is the full body massage. The woman will receive a full body massage to address any pains, aches or muscle stiffness that she may have encountered during her pregnancy. The therapist will soothe out all her concern areas to make her feel rested and rejuvenated. This can also help to reduce cortisol level, which are the stress hormones, to help induce relaxation and a sense of calmness.

Next is the uterus massage which is an important component of this treatment. This particular technique will help to get rid of all the stale blood and pregnancy tissue that have may have been left behind after the miscarriage or the abortion procedure. This is to ensure all the old stale materials are gotten rid out of her body so she may recover and have a healthy system with regular menstrual cycle.

Third is the breast massage. This is an often neglected part since there is no more baby. Especially women in their second and third trimester may already start to lactate, but without proper drainage, they may experience a blockage leading to pain, soreness and engorgement.

There is no need for a woman to endure the pain now that there are available post miscarriage treatment and abortion care treatment. Miscarriage Massage are now offered by Mummy’s Massage.

With Light and Love,
Salwa Salim