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After birth, you might think that it’s finally over. You may have diverted your attention to focus on how to raise your baby. You start making plans for this next chapter. But remember that every chapter’s ending usually have some conflicts to for an exciting next episode or season. In reality, it’s somehow similar with reality if you disregard that fact that the ending of the pregnancy chapter brings a few more mishaps for the mom.

To be precise, this phenomenon is specifically referred to as Post Natal Problems. It leads us to a conclusion that the transition is the mix of a new role as a mom and an overwhelming Post Natal Problems. Well, at least the whole nine months is over. Mothers, during their pregnancy, may have engaged with different pregnancy activities and habits to get through the entire pregnancy journey in a lighter manner. Prenatal Massage is one of the common relaxation havens for pregnant women.
If you’re a massage pampered mom, then what a better way to end this journey with other than a Postnatal massage. After delivery comes the post natal period. In this phase, you still experience discomforts as the body try to adjust with the progress and changes in your body cycles. It will start to fix and heal your body and bring back your usual figure to before pregnancy.

During this course, you may expect the following discomforts and problems:

1. Swollen breasts, clogged ducts
2. Constipation
3. Blood loss/ Vaginal discharge
4. After birth pains
5. Depression

Just like how prenatal massage handles problems during pregnancy, Post natal massage can also relieve or diminish the discomforts experienced during post natal period. You may worry about who’s going to look out for the baby when you’re having massage. Let’s just consider that post natal period is every dad’s turn to take good care of the baby while you’re having some good treats after a tiring delivery.

Post natal massage, like prenatal massage, has benefits as well. These are:

1. Reduces stress and anxiety
2. Increase blood flow as it relaxes muscles in the body
3. Thwart depression as it boost endorphin release (a hormone that calms the body down through positive emotions and pain killers)
4. Improves breast feeding
5. Prevents or lessens ‘baby blues’
Consider Post natal massage as a treat after the whole child conceiving and delivery journey. It can improve your condition so you can celebrate more for the arrival of your new born baby.

With Light and Love,
Salwa Salim