Massage therapy has various techniques that can be applied to the human body that gives health benefits and relief tension or pain. It can be dated back to 3000 years ago in China with new traces found around the world including Hindus, Persian and Greek cultures.

Post-partum pregnancy massage or post-natal massage can also be as important and beneficial as massage during pregnancy that suits the needs of women who have just given birth. The post-partum pregnancy massage helps women to realign their body weight and tones the over stretched skin over the belly to its pre pregnancy condition. Some unique post-natal massage benefits includes reduced swelling, hormone regulation, better sleep, improved breastfeeding, speed healing and assist with caesarean section recovery.

A new mother who delivered naturally and without complications can start her first post-natal massage as soon as she feel comfortable while one who delivered via caesarean need to wait for at least 2 weeks after given birth or until the incision is properly healed. The post-natal message therapy that comes with aromatherapy can be an effective therapy as it uses natural essential oils that can assist with hormone balance, cleansing, relaxation and treatment of anxiety or depression.

The company which is led by Salwa Salim is a Malay massage in Singapore that also provided spa services, jamu massage and slimming massage for their customers.

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