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From the moment you found about your conception everyone is all excited for what’s going to happen after nine months and you as the mother will be twice as excited as they are. People around you are starting to plan for your baby shower, name options for the baby, the cradle and more. With all those stuff, there is a tendency that you might give less attention with your pregnancy care which is more important than the aforementioned ones.

During pregnancy, you have to be cautious about your diet and routine as it might, even without your knowledge and awareness, affect you and your baby. Planning for your routine and diet for the whole nine months is essentially important to make sure that you and your baby are healthy.

There are different means to assure that you are in a good and healthy state during this moment. These are some of the things that should be on the list:

1. Get help from trained professionals for personal and medical needs
There should be trained professionals who are knowledgeable about your condition so they could give you useful pieces of advices and prescribe the right vitamins to take. Also, there should be a professional perspective in monitoring your health and condition to assure that everything is going smoothly and avoid misguided pregnancy.

2. Search on some helpful tips
There are tips that can be taken from your mother, relatives, and even on the internet that can be useful for you. These practices are tested since they’ve been done and experienced firsthand. Just be careful about what you believe in since we all have our own perception about how to deal with things in life.

3. Massage is an option
There are helpful prenatal massage and post natal massage that can help you from all the discomforts and pain of pregnancy. It can also improve your blood circulation. You can also consider Jamu massage and malay massage as your partner throughout your pregnancy.

4. Eat healthy food
Do not forget to eat healthy food for you and your baby. Remember that your baby eats what you eat. You share the same food and nutrients that is necessary for the development of the baby and your condition as well as preparation for delivery and birth.

With Light and Love,
Salwa Salim