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A woman’s health should always be monitored, especially at a stage when she is carrying her child. Pregnancy is one of the most vital stages of a woman’s life, for it is not just the woman’s health which she should worry about, but the health of her child as well. Thus pregnant women always keep in mind their lifestyle. They begin to check their diet and make sure that their baby would get the right amount of nutrients. They also have to be more careful with their actions. They must be wary of their movements, or else they might get into an accident which will cause too much stress to them and to their baby. And of course, they have to try out various treatments which will help them have a healthy pregnancy.

Among the treatments which women should try during pregnancy is the prenatal massage therapy. Prenatal massage has become widely popular among pregnant women, and it is even suggested by doctors due to its many benefits. Prenatal massage helps women who are suffering from pregnancy symptoms. It eases them of things such as back pain, leg cramps, and swollen feet, symptoms which make it hard for most of the pregnant women to move around. Moreover, studies also indicate that prenatal massage therapy can help women overcome anxiety and symptoms of depression. Prenatal massages helps deal with many common discomforts associated with the changes brought by hormone shifts during pregnancy. Not only that, prenatal massage therapy is also beneficial to the baby. It helps reduce complications for the child.

Medical research shows that those who underwent prenatal massage therapy spend significantly shorter labor, shorter hospital stay and less postpartum depression. Depression is said to have an effect on the foetus, as it increases the chances of the baby to be born prematurely and with low birth weight. These types of risk are reduced thanks to the prenatal massage.

Prenatal massage is a good way to ensure that the mother, as well as the baby she is carrying, will be safe and healthy throughout those months of pregnancy.

With Light and Love,
Salwa Salim