prenatal massage benefit - reduced recovery time

Postnatal massage singapore

Taking a break doesn’t only mean stopping from the things you used to do. Break can also mean doing something completely different from your daily routine that will make you more relaxed, recharged, and ready again to face reality and work. Being able to rest for a while after a long journey of excruciating pain and stress can bring a big relief for you like how sleep can ease the exhaustion from a very busy day.

Massage is one of the most popular way to relax and gain more energy. Through touch, it will heal the body from the stress that has accumulated throughout a tiring day or journey. This is why massage is popular as well for pregnant moms since the carrying all the weight and pressure of a growing baby is not an easy task. It’s a privilege that requires sacrifice and demands alot of your energy. Hence, prenatal massage plays a vital role in the process.
However, pain and discomfort doesn’t stop immediately after birth. In fact, mothers are now facing yet another phase of not only post labour pain all over your body, especially the private parts, breasts, lower back and abdomen, but also discomfort in adjusting into your new body.

Thus, there are many reasons for mommies to have Postnatal massage which are:

1. Moms have been in distress for nine months. C’mon, give them something good to enjoy!
From the morning sickness and back pain to the delivery of the baby, moms already have more than enough reason to enjoy for a little while. Post natal Massage will also make her feel better after nine months of bodily pain and the trauma of delivery of the baby.

2. Relieves mom from pain after birth
There will still be pain and discomfort after birth. Post natal massage can relieve mothers from these conditions or and speed up the recovery process by reducing pain and make them more relaxed.

3. Improve health condition
Aside from just diet and nutrition, Post natal massage can benefit the health of moms by improving the blood, loosen the tightness in the muscles, makes the skin tighter and tauter and many more.

4. Let the daddy bond with his child
Moms have bonded with the baby for months. It’s time for the father to feel the presence of their child and take care of the new member of the family.

5. Freshen up with a nice massage
Post natal massage is also capable of making feel rejuvenated and refreshed where moms can look fresher and remove those haggard miens.

With Light and Love,
Salwa Salim