postnatal massage,

Mothers long for a physical and mental means of relaxation after birth. It is of course a well deserve treat for moms to pamper them with a natural postnatal massage to remove all the stress and pain of childbirth. The natural effects and approach of Jamu massage is one of the most effective and relaxing way to overcome postnatal difficulties.

With the aid of natural essentials used in jamu massage such as rose petals and the scent of jasmine plus the soothing effect of lemongrass. It will also be accompanied with a nice touch of soft therapeutic music in our ears.

Jamu massage is a well know haven for mothers after birth as it has numerous benefits to their body and emotional recovery. It is a traditional massage popular in Asian countries, which is rapidly spreading to the western part of the world. The massage also uses hot stones in order to help moms relieve back pains and help in the process of breast feeding as well. Thus, jamu massage is considered an essential part of aftercare for moms who have given birth.

From the name itself, “Jamu” which means “herbs”, we could infer how this particular postnatal care pampers moms and relieves them from all the stress of pregnancy and childbirth. Herbs and the extract of nature such as ginger, Kaffir lime, lemongrass, nutmeg, turmeric and cinnamon are typically, but not limitedly, used in the massage. These are particularly used to take away the unpleasant after effects of delivery and the post-delivery as well.

Last but not least, and important to mention, Jamu massage uses the herbs and other natural methods with an abdominal binding technique. This approach is to flatten the abdomen of mothers and slowly get rid of the marks of pregnancy and birth to bring back the old figure of the body and its condition as well.

With Light and Love,
Salwa Salim

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