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Generally, massages are known to rejuvenate and energize the body after a stressful week at work. Just like any other massage, Jamu massage basically is used to help the body recover from an extraordinary stress and provide different benefits for the physical aspect as well. But unlike other massages, Jamu massage is more beneficial to individuals who are recovering from childbirth and are in the first phase of motherhood.

Jamu massage has different benefits to enable moms to embrace motherhood without less difficulty whether physically or emotionally. The massage can first and foremost improve blood circulation. This is particularly helpful for new mothers since their body had undergone immense strain during pregnancy and also childbirth itself. During that period, the blood circulation of the body is affected. With Jamu massage, mothers can recover with the help of an expert massage therapist and the natural massage techniques. Most importantly, the specialized massage techniques helps removes blood clots in the body after birth.

Mothers also mostly complain about back aches and other body pains. Jamu massage addresses this clamor with a bunch of its benefits for the body such as relieving from leg cramps and body aches, constipation, and back aches. It also helps improve the posture of mothers again as it straighten the spine. The abdomen is also one of the body parts that is a concern to mummies and the expert massage therapists. The abdomen binding process in Jamu massage helps tighten and tone the stomach, remove the trapped air in the abdomen, and eventually flatten in the tummy.

The massage also reduces stress which reduces post-natal depression. It is a way of pampering mothers after birth since the massage can directly help mother emotionally recover. Childbirth is not only physically challenging but emotionally and psychologically as well. Jamu massage can both address the problem with its pampering touch which cannot be achieved by a plain rest at home.

With Light and Love,
Salwa Salim

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