Pregnant woman lying on bed with husband


Massage therapy has played quite a huge role in helping a huge number of individuals feel calm and relaxed helping them restore their lost energies and recuperate their strength. The common misconception of pregnant women avoiding massage is outdated especially since more and more pregnant women seeking prenatal massage with their health care provider. Here are some things you may have not known with prenatal massage.

For pregnant women, prenatal massage Singapore plays a very important role in helping relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation and mobility, as well as make women feel relatively good.

There are Different types of Massage Suitable for Pregnant Women

You will know that there is a lot of variety to choose from with regards pregnancy massage. But Malay traditional massage in Singapore for example, is a massage that is based on the traditional midwifery and massage therapist practices. Their approach to massage therapy focuses on relaxing the nerves as well as the mind which is a perfect way to calm pregnant mothers and make them feel relatively at ease.

Postnatal Massage is Important as Well

Women should not forget about postnatal massage. For instance, there is jamu massage which is a traditional and holistic post-natal massage that is suitable for new mothers. Postnatal massage Singapore works quite well in helping speed up the recovery of women who have recently given birth. Postnatal massage also helps effectively ease sore spots and relax muscle tension while at the same time increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the muscles.

Hopefully this information is able to shed some light with regards to pregnancy massages. Massage therapy is indeed quite wonderful and it is good to hear that even pregnant women as well as their unborn child are able to get good benefits from this procedure.

With Light and Love,
Salwa Salim