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A mother who recently gave birth to her baby struggles to get back her composure in many aspects, from her physical, mental and emotional state. It is a generally known fact that a mother who recently gave birth to a baby is prone to depression; which is due to the drastic change of the level of hormones in her body after she delivered her baby.

Aside from this, she also needs to retain her energy, vitality and health and of course, her ideal shape and size. Most women tend to gain a lot of weight after giving birth, and many of those women have a hard time to get back to their original state. Fortunately, there are several ways to help them achieve their goals in a safe way.

Postnatal massage is one of the best ways to achieve the goal of revitalizing health and beauty. There are also various slimming products and merchandise that can be used in the specific aim of slimming down the body. First is by the use of natural slimming products. All external slimming products where a mother applies on her skin, such as creams, lotions or oils have the same functions to target in breaking down the fatty deposits on the top surface layer of fats underneath the skin, penetrating deeply to reach the cellulite. Mummy’s Massage, Singapore’s leading prenatal and postnatal massage service provider believes in using only all-natural 100% plant extract with the exact same properties using Aromatherapy Essential Oil and Jamu and not any laboratory created chemically synthesized products that are untested with side-effects.

The Aromatherapy Essential Oils used in Mummy’s Massage are from a local company, Institute of Aromatherapy Singapore, that have their oils researched and developed by and PSB Laboratory tested. It is even safe to use on breastfeeding mothers. They also offer and use only the finest and authentic Jamu, products of Indonesia, which only uses plant extracts as you can feel and smell the strong herbs from its raw ingredients that is finely refined for external use.

Another treatment for the goal of slimming down the body is the thermotherapy. This treatment is used even by athletes and is one of the most natural yet effective ways in breaking down external fats. The by-product of fats being broken down is sweat. So the more a woman sweat, the more she is breaking down the fats. One way is through exercise and the other is by means of external stimulus such as the sauna or the thermal blanket. So after the slimming massage and application of the natural slimming products, thermotherapy also helps in maximizing absorption of the slimming products.

Among the other products that are offered by Mummy’s Massage are the Infra-red Thermal Blanket which induces sweat by trapping the heat of the body; the Sauna which uses steam as well as the high heat to help induce sweat from the body in a small confined space; the Slimming Wraps which forces the body to follow the external shape of the slimming wraps; the Malay – Indonesia Style Jamu Bengkung which is mostly popularly used during Postnatal Period and is the most economical and effective ways to create a customized “corset” and works effectively regardless of what the body size and shape is; and lastly is the waist shaper which is ideal for daily usage for its ease of use and thin materials that can easily hide underneath clothes. It does have less flexibility and tightness in comparison to a corset and Jamu Bengkung.

It is not wrong for a mother to aim and to want to look good because that is how they also feel good about themselves. Nonetheless, mothers will always be lovely because of their beautiful hearts.

With Light and Love,
Salwa Salim