Javanese massage is the most ancient method of body massage and is used to promote relaxation. It is the one of the most significant ways to alleviate and ease the discomfort in your body. In fact, these services are endorsed by World Health Organisation (WHO). The Malaysia Ministry of Health is promoting a range of care which integrates traditional medicine and modern medicine for the maternal well-being purposes.

Thus, these massages will benefit new mothers a lot. Due to encountering rapid changes to their body, women have limited time to take care of their own body during pregnancy state. Priority will always go to the child first. Hence, Javanese and Jamu massage can help them to achieve great benefits during post pregnancy.

Such massages can help to reduce post surgery adhesion and swelling. Blood circulation can be improved, causing more oxygen and nutrients to reach the vital organs. This will create faster cells repair for the scar marks on the body. When pressure is applied during massage, it also helps to drain excess body fluids which lead to tension and stress relief. It will be an refreshing experience for the new mothers.

After many months of carrying the baby, there is a need to correct back one’s body posture. Javanese and Jamu massage can help to improve body posture and reduce lower back pain. The overused muscles can be relaxed and softened.

Most importantly for new mothers, their bodies can be reshaped. Overstretched skins can be compressed back into original shape. This will definitely bring assurance to the new mothers who dedicated much time in nurturing the baby in the pregnancy stage.

Here at the Mummy’s Massage, we offer a wide range of services with the most experienced team that expertise in massage for postnatal. We believe in putting top priorities for expecting mothers to make use of our services to maximum the benefits. We believe in helping them to get back into health and shape in short period of time after delivery.