Pre and postnatal massage is a wonderful way of preparing the new mother before and after child birth. If you are looking for Malay Massage Therapist in Singapore, Mummy’s Massage is the right choice for you. Mummy’s massage is Singapore’s leading prenatal and postnatal massage therapy that designed specifically to mothers. Prenatal massage focus is to help the entire new mother to enjoy their pregnancy stages without hassle. Prenatal Massage in Singapore would give you a remarkable experience with the professional massage therapy as well as other services.

Prenatal massage is pivotal for mothers to be, as during stage of pregnancy, new mothers tend to go a lot of changes, with Prenatal massage in Singapore, the certified massage specialist would make a woman feel relax and pampered during that stage. Expectant mother tends to experience physical and emotional changes, therefore, prenatal and postnatal are really essential as well as the most significant ways to minimize stress and to promote relaxation.

Postnatal massage is crucial for mothers to rejuvenate their energy after their childbirth. Hence, it is important for them to have postnatal massage to alter their body alignment. Jamu Massage is one of the ancient Indonesian massages that have proven its effectiveness and long-term benefits. It comprises herbal and natural ingredients such as fennel, lemon grass, clove, ginger and turi to alleviate all kinds of pains and regain their health and energy.

Traditional Javanese massage is well known as the oldest methods of healing pains. It is useful for mothers who are just given birth. It helps the mothers to reduce tight muscles, improve their blood circulation as well as alleviate pains in the body. Javanese massage is recommended for its effectiveness, and after this massage session, you would feel fresh and energetic as it helps to boost your energy.

With Light and Love,
Salwa Salim