There are several differences between a postnatal massage and a normal massage. Obviously, postnatal massage is exclusively and specially formulated for mother who recently delivered a baby. Among other practical differences between the two is that, mother who newly delivered a baby should be very careful in what massage or treatments she undergo because her body is still fragile and needs utmost care thus cannot be subjected to just any type of massage.

It is beneficial for mothers to undergo a massage therapy. Massage Therapy is the process of applying different techniques to the soft tissues on the body intended to give health benefits and relief pain or tension. It is the oldest known healing art documented way back from 3000 years ago from the Chinese, and traces has been found in the Hindus, all the way to the Egyptian, Persian and Greek cultures and across the world in the Latin Americans.

Post Natal Massage is massage therapy pre-designed specifically for mothers who have just given birth. Its techniques and areas of focus have been tailored to maximize benefits according to the physiology and condition of the body after it has been subjected to the trauma and pressure of child birth.

Essentially, every mother who recently gave birth to a child needs a post natal massage. In point of fact, post Natal Massage is a form of therapy and healing regime highly recommended even by doctors. Postnatal massage has been a long standing Asian tradition, and this is one of the secrets to Asian women have been looking younger than Westerners counterparts of the same age.

Aside from this, postnatal massage is known to give several health benefits to mothers, in bringing back health and vitality and in managing postnatal pains. It is also helpful in slimming down their body back to its original form.

Postnatal massage services are being offered by one of Singapore’s leading postnatal massage, Mummy’s Massage.

Some of the best reasons why a lot of mothers sign up with their postnatal massage services are that, they pamper the mother’s body after nine months of carrying their little one. Consequently, this will make the mother look fresh and feel energetic. Also, the massage services relieve tension and stress in the mother’s body. It also reshapes the body by flattening tummy without need for pills or diets or exercise even. What more, all of these perks can be achieved at the comfort of every mother’s own home.

With Light and Love,
Salwa Salim